Encourage Kids To Save Money With This Book

"Seeds" - The Story Most Children Are Never Told

“Seeds” – The Story Most Children Are Never Told

Is it just me or do we constantly hear about people being made redundant, or someone losing their house because they can no longer afford the mortgage payments, or just generally people constantly running out of money every month? So what can we do about it? I mean, it’s not like I can write to the banks and ask them to just give everyone their house back, and I can’t write to every business owner and tell them to re-hire everyone. So what can we do? Well, I can only really show people a possibility… and I’m especially keen for children, teens and young adults to see this possibility…

Without actually mentioning the word “money”, I’ve written a story…designed to show some of the options and choices we have in life when it comes to spending, saving and looking after not only our money, but how we can affect our friends and family too…

In fact, whether you are 8 or 80, you should find that this story has a few parallels in everyday life.

It’s just another way that I want to help raise awareness on personal finances, and the aim of this story is to help both the current and the new generation, take steps to protect themselves from any prospect of another recession or unexpected redundancy in the future, especially if they have not started earning money yet.

It might seem a little hard to believe, but this story could easily be the difference between and individual or family losing their home in the future through repossession, or being stable enough with money to take care of themselves and to help others do the same.

Available in paperback, on the Kindle from www.seedsthechildrensbook.com (Update! The 2nd edition will be available soon, in A4 hardback with more illustrations)

Here’s a little preview:

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I would love for you to read this book and see what’s possible for a new generation. There are establishments that do not want things to change. They are not going to help you. The only way I can see things changing at the moment is if we empower ourselves and make new choices and decisions when it comes to our money. I hope you enjoy the book and wish you well in life.