The Free Personal Budget Planner Toolkit

The Personal Budget Planner Toolkit, and this website, is designed to help you see more precisely where you are when it comes to all your money matters, and help you visualise how you can make more money available to you.

 The Personal Budget Planner Screenshot

You will get:

* The Personal Budget Planner Excel Workbook which contains 5 Powerful, Simple-To-Use Spreadsheets


* 1 x Fast Start Guide

 * 2 x Bonus Spreadsheets (The More Realistic True Cost of Having/Buying A Car spreadsheet + The Funding Your Goals And Dreams spreadsheet)

* and a Bonus Printout with 3 Money Ideas That Can Hold You Back

The main spreadsheet in The Personal Budget Planner Workbook is also a fantastic tool for people who have enjoyed playing the boardgame ‘Cashflow’ and they can see the value and benefit of putting their actual real life circumstances into an easy to use spreadsheet that they can easily update, with passive income streams, expenses, assets and liabilities to help them focus, and encourage them on their journey to get out of the rat race.

Access The Personal Budget Planner Toolkit

It doesn’t matter whether you are ‘rich’ or ‘poor’, this budget planner encourages you take control of your money, improve your current situation, make more money and keep it.

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Inside The Personal Budget Planner Toolkit:

  • The Personal Budget Planner Excel Workbook – A linked set of budgeting spreadsheets to make it easy to see where your money is going every month, and to help you see how you can move your money around to betteryour situation, starting with:
  • The Main “Personal Budget Planner” spreadsheet to show you all your income and expenses and help you plan ways to 1.Spend Less, 2.Cut Debt, 3.Earn More, along with the ability to include all your assets and liabilities, just like in the board game ‘Cashflow’.
  • The “Day To Day Cashflow” spreadsheet to track all payments made against your bank balance for the whole month, which helps you plan for the month ahead and also see if you might go into overdraft before it even happens.
  • The “Credit Card Squeeze” spreadsheet to view and help you plan to reduce any credit card balances, with a guide to show how long it could take, and how you can accelerate paying them off.
  • The “Categorise and Set” spreadsheet where you can put your expenses into the categories suggested or just create your own from scratch.
  • The “Hit The Targets” spreadsheet with goals to help you get more money flowing to you and keep it working hard for you.
  • The “Your Notes” spreadsheet where you can set yourself some personal goals and keep notes on and money matters you want to take care of.
  • And you also get a spreadsheet with links and resources you might find useful.
Access The Personal Budget Planner Toolkit


  • * No installation required (which means no crashes)
  • * It uses MS Office Excel (available on practically every computer)
  • * Easy to use (Just fill out yellow cells and the rest takes care of itself)
  • * No macros involved (so no unfamiliar pop up messages)
  • * Safe and personal (Your personal details are never stored online)
  • * It also works with any currency

Budget Planner for Excel -

Inside The Personal Budget Planner…

In addition to all this, when you get access today you’ll also get:

  • The Personal Budget Planner Fast Action Guide – This takes you quickly through the main spreadsheet, showing you how to get started and to find areas where you can start making more money available straight away. You get step-by-step instructions on what you need to do to cover all aspects of your monthly spending 
  • Bonus Spreadsheet 1: The More Realistic True Cost Of Buying/Having A Car Spreadsheet – Whether you have a car, or you’re thinking of changing cars, or you’re planning to buy a car, use this bonus spreadsheet to get a better idea of how much your car is really going to cost you. You can then plan and make sure you have enough for those regular and not so regular expenses.
  • Bonus Spreadsheet 2: Funding Your Goals And Dreams Spreadsheet – This bonus spreadsheet is to help you quickly work out budget plans for the things you want. Some people don’t like the idea of saving but when you can see that putting a specific amount into a separate place every month will give you what you want, it doesn’t become saving anymore…I like to call it Funding Your Goals And Dreams
  • Bonus Printout: “Three Ideas About Money That You Simply Must Not Listen To” mini poster – Did you know that some people are possibly stopping themselves from making more money and they don’t even realise they are doing it? You’ll see three ideas about money that could cause this, that you can printout to remind yourself that small shifts in the way you think about money can make a big difference… 
  • Plus: Lifetime Updates of The Personal Budget Planner plus lifetime access to all tutorials and areas on the site

When you unlock The Personal Budget Planner Toolkit today and you go through the Fast Start Guide, you should quickly find ways to reduce your monthly expenses by $10 – $30 or more.

Once you’ve done this you are better off by at least $120 a year or more. It’s actually the very reason why some suggested a $47 value for full access to The Personal Budget Planner Toolkit. But the goal here is to help people get more control of their money and money habits, so for limited time access is absolutely free..

Access The Personal Budget Planner Toolkit

The Personal Budget Planner

The Personal Budget Planner

“21 benefits of using The Personal Budget Planner over a basic budget planner…”

  • The ability to create your own, personal categories for your expenses. (Shoes, Cinema Visits, Health Supplements, whatever you want you can create it in seconds)
  • Knowing how many months you could survive if you stopped working
  • An easy way to find out how much ‘passive’ income you need to get out of the ‘rat race’, (what I like to call, your ‘freedom figure’. This is excellent. It means that even if you stopped working, or are laid off or made redundant, you would still have enough money coming in to take care of all of the bills)
  • Keep track of up to five credit cards and their balances
  • Having the combined balance of your credit cards all in one place (useful if you are thinking of consolidating)
  • On the same page you can make notes of future expenses such as Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversaries etc, and you can quickly check you have enough to cover these or you can start putting money aside for them.
  • You can include income streams from your small/side businesses or second job

The Personal Budget Planner Screenshot

  • You can enter the actual names of the companies you pay money to every month. (So for example, instead of just lumping ALL you insurance costs under the generic title ‘insurance’, you can list each individual type of insurance cover that you have. This gives you much more detailed budgeting, and at a glance you know how much you’re spending when you start to shop around for new quotes)
  • Record which days of the month all your automatic payments are made for month ahead (simply enter your bank balance at the beginning of the month to help you plan)
  • The ability to add any interest or dividends you receive from investments
  • You can come up with a plan to pay off your credit cards
  • You can get an idea of how long it will take to pay off your credit card(s)
  • Monitor the total value of any of your stocks and shares using current prices
  • Keep an on screen record your mortgage balance 
  • Track the balances of any buy to let mortgages you have
  • Record the current value of any buy to let properties you own
  • Find out what percentage of your expenses your passive income covers
  • Keep a note of all your various interest rates in one place to compare and negotiate
  • Update the value of any assets you can easily turn into cash
  • Check to see which day of the month you might get close to going into your overdraft before the month even begins
  • Get 14 Goals to encourage you towards financial security and financial freedom

It’s so convenient to have access to all of this, and The Personal Budget Planner Toolkit is the only budget planner I know of that gives you all of this and more…

(To be totally straight with you, most of us didn’t start budgeting, saving and/or investing from our very first paycheck…, and that means that we really don’t have as much money today as we should have so don’t lose any more time)

…start making plans today to keep and have more money available… the plan is that you’ll be encouraged while using The Personal Budget Planner, to the point where you start to share this website and your new ideas with friends/family, and maybe even start helping others manage their money better too.

You can access your Personal Budget Planner Toolkit today and see the bigger picture.

At the very least, please do something today to manage your money better and learn a little more about the way that money works so that you don’t end up losing more money than you need to.

Start taking control of your money today

The Personal Budget Planner

Access The Personal Budget Planner Toolkit

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