The Personal Budget Planner is in part my collective thoughts and ideas after years of having the wool pulled over my eyes about the way money works, and I want to help others look after their money or make changes to their money situation to improve things before things get out of hand. I’m not a ‘guru’, I’m not a millionaire, I’m just a regular guy who would like to help people avoid some of the mistakes I made and show them how they could look at ways to get more money into their lives and keep it for longer.

“At the end of every month I didn’t have enough money and I never really knew where my money was going. My job wasn’t super great but it wasn’t exactly bad either. I got a slightly better job with a little more money, and I went out and bought my first car. I ended up having even less money than before, and started to use my credit card way more than I originally planned to. A colleague at work turned to me one day and said: “Don’t worry about your credit card?!? You’ve got the rest of your life to pay it off!”

And at the time… it made total sense…  I started spending on credit cards as though it was my money (a clever little trick they pull on you) until one day… the credit card company stopped increasing my limit… I was stuck paying huge amounts of interest. And to make things worse a couple months later they increased the interest rate to what I now know to be something horrendous. So I was constantly switching credit card companies trying to keep on top of things.

Luckily, a friend introduced me to a woman who worked in financial education and she showed me the Rule of 72 which blew me away. It helped me see instantly that my ignorance and weaknesses were being taken advantage of. I started learning more, reading books that helped me change the way I think about money, improve my budgeting know how, change my situation, and now I want to help you to do the same starting with The Personal Budget Planner website, which includes a simple to use, easy to understand excel based budgeting tool using what I’ve picked up over the years. And it has now been tweaked even more since first created to give you an even more valuable solution to managing your money.”

As mentioned, my first introduction into the real way that money works was through a financial education company dedicated to helping families get out of debt.

Since then I’ve developed my own thoughts and ways of relaying a lot of the things that I now understand about money. I’ve helped several friends with these ideas, and many of them have gone on to be very successful in changing their life for the better.

I’ve been a carpet cleaner, and I’ve been a finance manager for a global software company, and during my journey I came across many different scenarios that some would call “bad luck” but that would never stop me working towards my goals, and helping others do the same. I share that with you so that you understand that it doesn’t matter what profession you have..you can still make changes and make a decision to look after your money better.

I want to help even more people start, or continue, their journey towards better money awareness and to have more control and choice over what happens to their money and their lives and that is what this website has set out to do.

To your future

David Ankrah

P.S. If you’re based in the UK and you want to work with me to improve the finance situations of yourself and the people around you then simply visit www.evolusol.org and get in contact.