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Don’t let another day go by without knowing whether you are sinking, swimming, or on a cruise ship when it comes to you and YOUR money.

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Most personal budget planners only tell you what you’ve already done with your money…

The Personal Budget Planner Toolkit (free for a limited time), has an excel based budget planner that shows you where you are and encourages you to build your financial strength. It helps you plan your way to the situation you dream of.

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The Main Personal Budget Planner Worksheet

The Main Personal Budget Planner Worksheet

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If you’re serious about:

* Changing Your Money Situation * Quickly Seeing Where Most Of Your Money Goes * Managing credit card debt and loans * Knowing how many months you could survive if you suddenly had to stop working (i.e. redundancy, illness) * and much, much more…

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or… you can download the Free Example Basic Budget Planner

FREE Example Basic Budget Planner for Very Simple One Sheet Budget Calculations

Sometimes the real issue with budgeting is self discipline or a reluctance to face up to our REAL position when it comes to money. You can download a basic budget planner here and pretty much get a rough idea of where you are. But this is where many budget planners stop. What next, and what does it tell you? They only seem to tell you what you’ve spent…they don’t actually help you plan on making your situation better. Isn’t that what a budget planner is supposed to do? Having a clearer idea of where you are gives you more options..

You’ve decided to start budgeting and it could be for one of the following reasons:

  • you’re in debt
  • you want to apply for more credit
  • you’re finding it harder to make ends meet
  • you’re tired of the way things are and you want to make a change in your life
  • you just want to know where your money seems to be disappearing to
  • or you’re someone who wants to plan for the future and you have some goals

So here’s what you can do: 1. Find out exactly where you are 2. Work out where you want to be 3. Make a plan and do whatever you can to get there Lets have a look at a few steps you could take to help you out:

  • Step1. Figure out how much you spend on essentials every month – Travel, Food, Nappies, Insurance, Utilities all that stuff. Work this out with a good detailed personal budget planner spreadsheet like The Personal Budget Planner or some budget planning software. Hopefully the amount you spend on essentials will be less than your earnings. The difference between your essential spending and your earnings is the money you use to change your life for the better. You may already be spending some or all of this difference on other things at the moment, so what we want to look at next is look at ways to: 1.Spend Less | 2.Cut Debt | 3.Earn More

To access a free Basic Budget Planner click here To access and find out more about The Personal Budget Planner Toolkit click here

  • Step2. Now figure out what you want to do – Do you want money for a holiday, for your children’s education (or your own), maybe you want to build up a deposit for a home etc. You list all of these and put an amount next to each item. This should provide a little motivation to make some changes. Figure out when you want to achieve each item in the list. For each item on your list, work out the number of months between now and when you want it. For each item, divide the amount needed by the number of months you came up with. This will give you how much you need to add to your fund each month to achieve this. (There’s actually a spreadsheet already created to help you work all this out and it’s called the ‘Funding Your Goals And Dreams’ (it’s included The Personal Budget Planner Toolkit) Just remember if one of your items is to pay off debt, this will give you a quick guideline, but it doesn’t take interest into account. Another spreadsheet called ‘The Credit Card Squeeze’ in The Personal Budget Planner goes into a little more detail and is specifically designed to help you manage, plan, juggle and reduce your credit cards to zero)

So here’s the question…Do you REALLY want to achieve these items and goals? Are you spending money on non-essential items, before funding your goals and dreams?

  • Now before you say ‘I can’t afford to do it’,… you may need to simply sit down and figure out new ways of making more money. (Right after you double check that there is absolutely nothing else you can cut out of your existing spending.) If you simply say ‘I can’t afford to do it’ then you effectively give up on changing anything. Think about HOW you can afford to do it, and you’ll start to think of simple things such as selling old items, or giving evening classes on a topic you’re very comfortable with teaching and sharing. Think about ways you can help a quite a few people. This will usually always help you un-tap more money than just going into work and asking for a pay rise.

To access a free Basic Budget Planner click here To access and find out more about The Personal Budget Planner Toolkit click here The Personal Budget Planner toolkit and website is designed to help anyone quite easily see and visualise how they can make more money available, even if you think you might be terrible with money. The main spreadsheet is also ideal for anyone who has already played the boardgame ‘Cashflow’and now wants to put their actual real life circumstances into a spreadsheet that they can easily update, with passive income streams, expenses, assets and liabilities all to help you to focus on getting yourself out of the rat race.

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